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Writing a successful paper is accomplished in steps. After you understand the assignment, do research, and take notes on and analyze your sources, you will begin writing. These tools will help you create a thesis, organize your ideas, and write a preliminary draft. Each tool gives you examples using the sample American Dream assignment and allows you to enter your own information and generate results to work with.
The Thesis Developer will help you:
  1. state your topic briefly and clearly
  2. express the primary opposing perspectives on the topic or issue
  3. concisely convey your position
  4. pinpoint the anchoring focus of your paper
The Outline Developer will help you:
  1. plan a paper that goes beyond the basic 5-paragraph format. You will still include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, but each of these sections will probably be composed of several paragraphs.
  2. organize a complex essay into logical, detailed sections. You can keep track of sources that support your thesis and sources that have differing views.
  3. plan a discussion of the topic based on ideas, rather than on a source-by-source structure. This allows for a more detailed, integrated response to the assignment.
The Paragraph Developer will help you:
  1. move from the outline into sentence and paragraph form
  2. discuss your ideas with adequate detail
  3. discuss source ideas using examples and evidence
  4. connect and transition between ideas in a logical way
Note: The Paragraph Developer is available after use of the Outline Developer.